Neurological physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy where specialist skills are utilised to assess and treat people who have symptoms following injuries or damage to their central nervous system.

Injuries or damage to the nervous system can present in symptoms of weakness, altered sensation, pain, poor coordination and balance, stiffness, spasms, tremor or spasticity. These can affect every day tasks such as walking, working or family life. Neuro physio can reduce these symptoms and maximise the neural messages between the brain and the body. It can also teach you different methods or strategies to improve the way you move to make activities easier and less effortful.

Often other symptoms such as your thinking, speech or swallowing or emotional difficulties can occur. Whilst your neuro physio may identify these, other specifically trained neuro therapists can treat them. This is why I work within a broader multidisciplinary team of With your consent, I can refer to these other experienced therapists and we will often have joint sessions to ensure a unified approach is adopted to address your needs.

Specialist Physiotherapy skills on offer

  • “Hands on” physiotherapy to facilitate movement using advanced Bobath treatment techniques
  • “Hands off” physiotherapy to facilitate strength training, core stability and personal training treatment techniques
  • Tone management skills to address spasticity and spasms
  • Functional electrical stimulation as an adjunct to therapy
  • Acupuncture for pain relief and address specific symptoms associated with neurological conditions such as fatigue
  • Splinting and orthotic knowledge
  • Knowledge of specialist equipment requirements
  • Knowledge of local neurological charities/ support groups/ clinics etc
  • Advice to families and carers on helping your relative or client to move safely in and out of the house
  • Self management strategies.

“I have secondary progressive MS and have been working with Alice for nearly 9 months during which her neuro-physio support has been invaluable to my health and wellbeing. She combines a professional and enthusiastic approach with an empathetic and caring personality. I thoroughly recommend her services.” Liz A