Surrey Neuro Physio provides specialist physiotherapy to treat people who have experienced an injury or a condition affecting their neurological system.

I offer a personal, innovative and holistic approach to your therapy. With you and your family, I will give experienced one to one consultation and work on a programme of physiotherapy that is focused on your goals to optimise your every day activities and your enjoyment of life.

I understand that neurological conditions are often multifaceted and require input from other areas as well as physiotherapy. I work alongside a specialist affiliated team including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and counseling and can access these services if required. We believe with a team approach, we can offer a seamless comprehensive package of neurological rehabilitation to address all aspects of your needs.

“I suffered a quite major stroke 10 years ago and left hospital after almost 6 months with no movement in my left arm or hand and walking with the assistance of an AFO (ankle foot orthosis) and stick.  Alice was instrumental in getting me walking unaided and functional movement back in the arm and hand. She helped  build confidence when getting back to work, using public transport and driving. While not still 100% Alice helped me get back to a level of normality and functionality I didn’t think possible when I left hospital.” P. Keane